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Lighting & Control 

Josh.AI Home Automation and Lighting Control

We hear it all the time from our clients who have 

a lighting control system designed by PEMBA 

 "This is great!"

Lighting Control is a lifestyle change where you go 

from chasing down light switches to turn on and off lights 

or dimming them to just pressing an engraved button.


 "I could NOT go back to manual switches."

PEMBA will design your lighting control so you will also "LOVE IT!!"

More than 50% of all new homes are incorporating some sort of lighting Control

The value of lighting control varies with the homeowner and the components. benefits include:

  • Dimming lights: Setting and changing the intensity of lights for tasks such as cooking or relaxing

  • Controlling lights together with audio for entertainment or a cozy time at home

  • Controlling a group of lights with the press of a button

  • Set exterior lights to turn on and off at scheduled times

  • To control lights remotely for family or guest entry

  • To turn off lights with the press of a button or remotely to save energy

  • Safety: Light paths to safely travel in darker locations or to help deter thieves

  • Health:  Human-Centric - Control of lights to adhere to human circadian rhythm

PEMBA's Lighting Control Brand Experience:

Vantage Glass Plate

Stunning Glass Keypads from Vantage

Solitaire Impress

Lehigh's Solitaire Impress

PEMBA has designed & programmed hundreds of Lighting Control systems. 
From very basic to fully integrated.  From new construction to retrofit. 

Call to discuss your options. 

Home Lighting. Undercabinet Lighting. Recessed Lighting. Modern Lighting

Lighting Tips

Light comes in many forms.


At PEMBA, we know how to specify and design with light. Day light and the connection to the outdoors is needed for our health and wellness. Glare must be managed.


Recessed lighting is best used for task, accent and to help provide ambient light. Recessed lights should also not be what the eye sees.  Lighting should allow us to see the space or task at hand.


We sell complete solutions in lighting that include light fixtures, recessed lighting , indirect architecturally placed lighting, theatrical lighting, kitchen and bath lighting and outdoor lighting of all kinds.


Call us for an appointment to

help you select your lighting

Fanin Collection from Progress Lighting
Lutron RadioRa3
Trove LED Circular Pendant from Hubbardton Forge
American Lighting Assocation
Nadeau 1-Light Semi-Flush/Pendant from Captial Lighting
Lutron Caseta Lighting Control
Orizzonte from Allegri Crystal

Specializing in Excellence Since 1912

The Rau Difference:

Lighting makes the art in the M.S. Rau Fine Art, Antique, and Jewelry Gallery very attractive with the help from framing projectors and DMX controls.