Lighting, Sound, Automation, Electrical & Lighting Design Services

PEMBA INC was started by Patricia and P. Michael Smith in July of 1997.  Our journey started reviewing and stamping electrical plans and because of our automation and engineering education were asked to help with a lighting control product and projects.  We quickly learned that the contractors also needed help with selecting lighting.   Our services were requested by others and included help with audio-video.    We sought others to join our team and after Katrina we took over a lighting showroom and electrical distribution business.  

At PEMBA we regularly evaluate new electrical, lighting, sound & automation products.   We provide lighting design and engineering services,  go to market twice a year to bring new lighting & automation products to our customers.

PEMBA is a member of various organizations including CEDIA where we are registered to provide training on various automation solutions.
Our team has a mix of skills and talents to help you with your project. 


Why should anyone build with only a portion of the information they need.   If you are looking at lighting, your product selection should include placement,  type of light, layers and dimming.  Without light nothing is visible. With bad lighting you spend money without getting optimal results.   

Sound, video and sensors add enjoyment and security to our lives.   Let's invest in people as well as the building. 

Engineering & Design

PEMBA is a licensed professional engineering firm in the state of Louisiana. We have a strong background in Power Engineering. 

Our organization is unique and has great opportunity because we are both in the design field and have a hands on knowledge of products.  

P. Michael Smith Licensed Professional Engineer state of Louisiana Lic#14467

State License Document Lic# EF.0003923

2004 Expanded to Audio-Video

Ray Milligan joined the PEMBA team in 2004 to strengthen PEMBA’s audio-video integration capabilities. Ray has 23 years of electronics and audio video experience and holds an electronics degree. Ray also has 15 years of experience in electrical and lighting.

Our Team

Patricia has over 25 years of automation experience, 10 years of electrical engineering, has been involved in the Lighting Industry since 1994,is a member of the American Lighting Society, on the IAEI board, and is a member of the IEEE.  Patricia holds a bachelor of science in computer science and an MBA. Patricia’s strengths include Lighting Design, architectural lighting, electrical plans take off and design and lighting control solutions.

Michael has 30+ years of Electrical Engineering experience, is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), is a degreed and registered Professional Engineer and has an MBA. 

Robin “Moose” Terranova  handles electrical counter sales and helps electrical contractors to select the correct electrical parts and lighting.

Kathy Claassen joined PEMBA in 2009 and keeps our lighting showroom adorned beautifully with the latest lighting and accessories such as mirrors and lamps.   Kathy goes to market regularly and brings back many ideas so that the homes of her customers can be adorned with unique lighting pieces.   Kathy’s strength is that after just a short visit she can recommend and quote lighting that meets a budget while providing lighting that makes everyone smile.

Alan Grundhofer is skilled in programming a variety of lighting control and automation systems. He is a certified Savant programmer and both designs and installs audio-video equipment.  

Kathy “Kat” McBride  provides sales support and  helps us keep  up with the latest in LED lamp and retrofit products so that our customers benefit with options to light each space appropriately.  Kat’s strength is that she is tenacious so that our customers are pleased with all aspects of doing business with PEMBA.   If you call early or late Kat will probably be available to help you.

Chad Clay is experienced as an electrical installer.  Chad provides automation installation support,  and commercial lighting sales quotations and support.   Chad has set up a dimming lab and now PEMBA tests dimming compatability for products we sell.      - Thanks Chad!

Jennifer Liriano has a background in photography and is a sketch artist.  Jennifer puts these skills to use with helping you select the right lighting to make your home beautiful.  Jennifer handles showroom sales, provides lighting sales support, and handles accounts receivables.

Zack Fradella manages our purchasing and works on sourcing the right products.  Products keep changing so Zack stays busy but this doesn't stop Zack from jumping in to help if you call or come by.    You can ask Zack a question about almost anything and he can help you or make sure that you get helped.  Because of this Zack has begun to take on lighting control design and sales.  With his meteorology education Zack is being challenged to look for ways to provide customized concierge  weather information. Come by to see if you have a question that he can't answer.

Charles Marshall has now taken over deliveries and receives and manages our warehouse.